Holiday of a Lifetime




           Nashville Tennessee

This site is dedicated to the holiday of my life, in August 2008 I decided I would go to Nashville, for years I have loved Country & Western music, and thought a visit to Nashville would be a wonderful experience. 

So decided before it was to late, to do it, much to the amazement of my friends and sometimes of myself, I made plans to go on my own, started my search, found out all I could, and picked a date, and went to Travel Agents and booked flight for April 2009, 10 hour flight from Heathrow, but at the time was not thinking about that!!

I selected a hotel on-line, bought local maps of Nashville, registered with a Nashville Forum, and then the reality started, was a long time to wait from August to April, but as soon as Christmas was over I started to count months/weeks/days.

Please come in and look at my story and browse over the photos.